Sicily cooking Travel Chef Laura Taylor


Wow, what a journey it has been in my career and life goals to get to this point in time. For years, I have been dreaming, like so many others, of getting paid to travel. A dream job that is now a reality.

Years ago, while early on in establishing a professional career in catering sales and event planning, I had a notion of wondering how I could combine my loves for travel and food into a profession that could pay my bills. My partner at the time, also a travel junkie, worked in the hotel industry. We researched a company based in Denver, Colorado where we could go to school and learn how to become travel agents and tour operators. We would have been a great team working together to plan memorable trips full of wondrous experiences with our strong skills in planning, our keen sense of exploration, and hospitality nature in taking care of our guests. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be at that time. We weren’t ready. Too young, too inexperienced, too afraid to take such a risk.

Instead, my event planning chops were honed over the next 8 years with Marriott hotels and a family-owned fine dining steakhouse in the greater Seattle area. When the time came for a blessing in disguise that prompted my leap into entrepreneurship, my travel dreams took a slight delay as a built up a personal chef business. Honest to Goodness achieved great strides from 2012-2015 such that I could be bold enough to ask the universe to grant me time for traveling with my job. Out of the blue, on Friday afternoon in March 2016, I received an email from a gentleman with a luxury national park tourism company who just so happened to need a private chef. Did I know anyone?  (Enter the angelic chorus and lightbulb moments).

The time has come for me to step out into the world beyond my company’s corner in Seattle, and brand myself as The Dinner Whisperer. My name’s inspiration is described on this website’s homepage, and I am beyond excited to whisper magical elements into my food creations as I travel to serve people on their vacations around the world.


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